About David Gill

David GillWhile spending my professional career managing businesses for myself and others, I have also organized, managed and distributed the personal estates of family and friends and clients. 
In all these situations, I have found great satisfaction and success working with people on personal issues and complex situations in either calm or stressful times.

Most of my professional life has been in healthcare administration where I partnered in entrepreneurial ventures and administered healthcare companies, clinics and physician practices.  The common thread in each work situation was the development and use of organizational and problem-solving skills, and these have been critical to providing successful estate organization and management.

Along with those skills, my service requires the human skills of providing assistance and guidance during times of fear, uncertainty, confusion and upheaval.  Through my years in cancer care and reproductive health (including patient contact in both areas) and guiding family members and friends through difficult times, I’ve honed these skills as well.