Testimonials from Clients

David takes what can be stressful and difficult and makes it simple and straightforward. He helps to lighten the load at a challenging time and allow you to focus on what is most important. David is compassionate and caring and I would recommend people take advantage of the knowledge and expertise he has to offer. He is simply the BEST!

Megan M. Stirrat, CFP®, CDFA, Irvine, CA


I am so glad I called David to help my single, 71-year-old sister with her retirement, financial and care issues! She lives in California and I live in Massachusetts, so there was little I could do long distance. David has been a godsend. His approach is extremely respectful and sensitive, always empowering the client. He has an intuitive grasp of the logistical and emotional issues, as well as the financial and legal. I don't know what we would do without him.

Nan C., Provincetown, MA


Finding David, through a trusted friend, has been a lifesaver. Through initial meetings and his setting up of an Excel workbook stored in a Dropbox folder with a list of not only my assets and important contacts but also my passwords, for goodness sakes, important areas of my life have been centralized and organized. It's one-stop shopping! Most importantly, my personal information has been put on a CD for myself and family members. This is all tremendously relieving. Needed contact with David now is less frequent as we fine tune updates. I recommend David, not for only for his skill and financial understandings but for his warm personable style that makes working together easy.

Joan Alexander, Berkeley, CA


I have worked with David on multiple occasions. First he worked with my husband and me to create will and trust documents for our family. He made the process easy and approachable, and we felt tremendously relieved to have such important work attended to in such a detailed manner. 

A few years later when my father died unexpectedly, I hired David to resolve his estate and don't know how we could have done it without him!

David was calm under pressure, patient in the face of conflict, and worked tirelessly to navigate, and successfully resolve, a complicated estate including sale of a property, life insurance settlement, retirement and personal accounts and a detailed will. 

My brother and I felt so reassured knowing that David was taking care of all of the details and we will be forever grateful for his competence and grace under pressure. He truly eased our load during an incredibly difficult time and handled the estate in a very thoughtful and professional manner. I would recommend him without hesitation!

Shira, Berkeley, CA


I have had the extraordinary privilege of working with David Gill, who helped me put all of our personal papers in order during my husband's final months. He was calm, confident, knowledgeable and highly organized. All of this helped me to stay on top of the multitude of issues which required my attention and action. In addition, when I became overwhelmed, he smiled warmly and with great grace assured me that he could take care of any of those tasks which were too much for me at that time. And he did just that!

David is completely trustworthy and skillful and I highly recommend his service. If you have any questions about his work I will be pleased to speak with you.

Joan Cole, Ph.D., Oakland, CA


I first worked with David in the early 90s, when he was a great help to me in many aspects of administering a small medical practice.  More recently, I hired him to revamp our estate plan, and instead of going to another lawyer for $250/hr,  David gently guided me through many of the challenges inherent in making estate distribution decisions – ones I’d put off for several years because of their complexity. 

Nancy M. Friedman, MFT, Oakland, CA


Hi David,

At first I thought you were kidding about this. Why don't you write my quote for me? As long or as short as you like? To be clear I have 100% superlatives about working with you – no qualifications of any sort. Because I personally don't glean much information when I read other people's out-of-context superlatives, I'm just not sure what you want me to say. Bottom line – you're the best!!!


Lee D., Berkeley, CA

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